Sending a clear message
is all about balance.

All you need is
the right speech.

It’s 2023. Markets evolve faster than ever. Even when you’re bringing something revolutionary to the table, it’s key to have your own competitive edge and to know how to claim it.

Your story must be told in a way that relates to how your customers and the market feel. As well as collaborators and future talents, investors, journalists, officials.

That's a lot.

It’s complex
to keep the
message simple.

So many different people to address, different pain points. You must be specific yet say everything at once. Without a good narrative to lead everyone, it can be really hard to scale.

Your vision is clear, but how do you express it in all the aspects of your company? Building a brand, going-to-market or raising funds basically require the same thing. 

A relatable and convincing story. 

Give your brand
a story anyone
can spell out.

By merging your vision, values and technology with a deep knowledge of your customers, we get to a messaging that's unique, remarkable and easy to articulate.

The story we build together serves as a guide to create your visual identity, launch offers or fuel your content strategy. It works just as fine if you want to make a leading event or a website that converts.

Growth always starts with a good narrative.

I help companies stand out from competition.

Helped a road transportation start-up raise €31 millions up to Series B.

Timothée d'ArcoFormer CFO at Fretlink

"The way Pierre has articulated Fretlink's messaging and identity helped us position as a pioneering tech company in road freight. As a CMO he will do magic, even on a budget."

Also built this start-up's brand narrative and identity from the ground, along with the founders.

Antoine Le Squeren
Co-founder and Managing Director at Fretlink

"Pierre has been the leading craftsman for Fretlink's positioning and recognition as a major player in our vertical. He excels in brand strategy, content marketing and communications."

Reshaped a digital content agency as the partner of choice for demanding & hurried brands.

Baptiste GlorionCo-founder and Executive Producer at Bengale

"Roupi has helped Bengale make a necessary shift in the way we position the company and present our offering to the market. Now it really looks like us."

Launched new products & offers by orchestrating multi-touchpoints GTM strategies. 

Charlotte JusseauCommunications Director at APEF

"Roupi supported us in structuring our Brand platform, communications and content strategy. We are super satisfied with his support, he systematically went further than the initial scope of his missions."

Positioned a movie production company as the only french film bakery in the UK.

Tibo Travers
Co-founder and Executive Producer at SweetDoh

"Pierre has tastefully repurposed our brand towards its true goal: producing delightful films with the very best ingredients, and just enough of love and flour. Just like a French baker would."

Merging many perspectives
into a single voice.

1. Discovery

I start by questioning everything.

And of course, I begin with you. Through a series of briefings and audits, I dive deep into your intents for growing your business over the next 10 to 15 years.

  • In-depth discussions about your vision for the future.
  • Proposal and strategic take on your brief

Next step : getting to know your customers, prospects and users. What they actually need to get done in their job or daily life. What’s on top of their mind?

  • ICP; questionnaires and interviews
  • Market research, competitive benchmark

Discovery ends by stating the things you approach differently than competition, and using that as an advantage to position your brand.

  • Market analysis, opportunity mapping
  • Audience & key messaging analysis
2. Strategy

Articulating what matters most to build the right story.

From company strategy to Brand Platform. Going from analysis to strategic decision-making, we select the right determine how it will guide messaging.

  • Brand platform (vision, mission, values)
  • Manifesto

Bring your narrative to life with the right tone and script. From an initial brand script, we articulate the messages so they're both comprehensive and easy to speech.

  • Brand script (articulated narrative)
  • Master deck (1st application of the narrative)

Then we focus on internal alignment around this new narrative, which will also evolve with their feedback. 

  • Feedback & rework sessions (internal buy-in & alignment)
  • Fine tuned brand narrative
3. Delivery

Bringing the messages
to life and delivering it
to your audience.

Brand identity. Build your brand’s final assets and design the strategy to make you shine to the world.  

  • Brand identity
  • Communications strategy & planning

Create the tools you and your team need to go forward with a clear, cohesive message.

  • Product marketing & sales enablement
  • Go-to-market strategy & planning

Produce ambitious content and platforms to help you be visible, sell, recruit and raise funds.

  • Corporate website, landing pages and campaigns
  • Production (content, events, email & newsletters)

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